Sustainable Swimwear- The Perfect Wild Swimming Gift

Wild Dips Summer Swimwear


Choosing the right attire for a swim in the summer months can be vital, especially when swimming for a long period of time or on a regular basis. Not only do you need to consider the actual swimwear you choose to wear in the water, but also any additional items of clothing that may help you to retain heat while in the water. Additionally, it is important to consider the clothing that will help you to warm up as efficiently as possible following your swim. Ultimately the right swimwear and clothing choices can allow you to enjoy a lovely swim in the summer sunshine before drying off and becoming cosy and dry in no time.


The most important choice you should make when going for a swim in the summer months of the year is the swimwear you choose to wear. This choice may depend on several factors such as the temperature of the water, the conditions of the water in which you are swimming, and the length of time you will be spending in the water. For example, if you are going for a quick swim in the sea on a warm summer's day, then you may only require a swimsuit for your swim. In this case, a Wild Dips swimsuit would be the perfect sustainable gift. However, if you are going for a longer swim on a colder summer’s day, then you may require a wetsuit which will allow you to retain warmth and therefore be able to stay in the water a lot longer before becoming too cold. Additionally, if you plan on staying in cold water for a long time, neoprene gloves and wetsuit boots are another popular option to wear in combination with a wetsuit. Wild swimming is becoming more and more popular nowadays, yet many people find that their hands and feet get cold very quickly when swimming in the sea and therefore the use of gloves and boots prevent this from happening and allow them to stay in the water for much longer.


Another important aspect to consider when going wild swimming is how you plan to regain warmth in your body after your swim. This may not be an issue on a warm day, however on a colder summer day with a sea breeze you may find yourself feeling cold following your swim. The perfect solution to this is to ensure you come prepared with towels, hoodies, and other warm clothing. For example, wild swimming gifts such as the Wild Dips original hoodie, or the Wild Dips Mind>Body hoodie would be the perfect sustainable gift for anyone who enjoys swimming in the sea but struggles to warm up afterwards. Additionally, warm drinks are also a popular option of warming up after a swim, while putting on multiple layers is also highly recommended.


Ultimately, wild swimming in the sea can be incredibly enjoyable, especially on a warm summer day. However, warming up after a swim can be made much easier by wearing the right clothing, such as the Wild Dips summer collection.

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